Anti-Wrinkle Lower Face sculpting

Procedure: 20 minutes. Series  of strategically placed anti-wrinkle injections are made into the muscle of the cheek. Patients will generally notice the results within 2 to 4 weeks.

Downtime: None.

Duration: Between  10 to 15 months.

Dr Liew’s world first procedure to re-sculpt the lower face and jawline Elle New York, Dermatological Times, USA and Lecture Series) was the first in his series of breathrough procedures to totally transform facial shapes and features – without surgery.

Until recently the only way to reshape the human face was surgical intervention. With this procedure the mishapen or square shaped lower face  and jawline is re-shaped with strategic injections of anti-wrinkle into the masseter (chewing muscles) in the cheek – transforming the face into the ideal slim and feminine shape.

To achieve optimal results, Dr Liew assesses the patient’s face against his global beauty template – the Liew LIFT (Liew International Face Template which is fast being adopted as a universal standard and measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures around the world.

The Liew LIFT is based on the facial shapes of model’s and actresses considered universally beautiful. Dr Liew observed that the world’s greatest beauties, regardless of their ethnicity,  all shared a common facial shape as well as specific measurements of the angle of their jaw line: the Angle of Beauty (Media, Lecture Series).

As a result, says Dr Liew, reshaping the lower face and jaw invariably makes patients more attractive, regardless of their racial background. Indeed, the results can often be spectacular.

The procedure also has the added bonus of reducing bruxism or night teeth grinding which often contributes to a square jaw line.


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