Shape Clinic

About Us

Established in 2005, Shape is the vision of Dr. Steven Liew, one of Australasia’s leading plastic surgeons. Dr. Liew is a specialist in breast implant surgery and facial cosmetic surgery with his #liewlift being known and regarded as a global beauty template. Liew is also a global leader in cosmetic enhancement techniques that have revolutionised the industry. What can now be achieved non-surgically in the area of facial reshaping, non-surgical eye lifts and neck lifts is in no small part due to his remarkable talent.

But the very latest in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the face, breast and body are of no use if not conducted with both expertise and ethics. Dr. Liew has assembled a world class team of shape shifters, including the very experienced cosmetic physician Dr Danae Lim, and highly regarded cosmetic nurses Bernice Ellis, Kimberly Allen and Victoria Gutierrez.   

Shape Clinic is located in Darlinghurst via a discreet entrance. Clients can enjoy the comforts of a private spa like environment as we work with them to maximise their beauty. When you walk out the door after an appointment at Shape, the team can confidently make this promise: 

Everyone will notice but no-one will know

The Clinic 

At Shape we are committed to providing a very personal level of care where patients can relax in a welcoming and safe environment. 

Our highly dedicated team has been chosen for their outstanding talents in their field. 

We pride ourselves on providing the very best and latest in cosmetic procedures and treatments. But at the heart of our commitment is that the patient must always come first. 

International Centre of Excellence

Shape is recognised within the plastic and cosmetic industry as an international centre of excellence and research.

Dr. Liew and his staff conduct regular training workshops in the very latest treatments and techniques to plastic surgeons and cosmetic practitioners from across the world.

Internationally renowned for his world first techniques in facial enhancement, Dr. Liew is also the first practitioner of choice for pharmaceutical companies such as Allergan and Galderma when launching new generation dermal fillers and advanced facial procedures onto the market in Australia and Asia.

This places Shape in the unique position of being able to provide:

  • The only port of call for doctors worldwide to visit and observe our treatment technique.
  • Regular training workshops for doctors and other cosmetic practitioners worldwide to advance their skills in a range of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle techniques.
  • Peer review of Dr. Steven Liew's series of breakthrough techniques in facial enhancements. 
  • Dr. Liew’s global following on the international lecture circuit for his latest innovations in facial rejuvenation 
  • Master classes by Dr. Liew conducted annually in Asia and Europe.

Giving back to the Community

Shape’s team also believe it is important to give back to the community we live in. We are deeply committed to providing our services to charities, the socially disadvantaged and the public health system on a pro bono basis.  

The Team 

One of the many things that sets Shape Clinic apart from others is the calibre of the team that Dr. Steven Liew has assembled. Hand picked from the best available talent in Australia, every Shape employee possesses a unique combination of aesthetic skill, experience, empathy and respect.

Working under the supervision of Dr. Steven Liew, our cosmetic practitioners are truly committed to delivering outstanding results for every patient, every time.

In an era where demand for cosmetic procedures is unprecedented, men and women are often vulnerable to extravagant marketing claims promising incredible and often instant results from the latest treatments. Unfortunately, these claims are often made, then carried out, by unskilled cosmetic practitioners.

Shape’s rigorous attention to the ethics that surround best practice ensures an experience of the highest quality for our clients.

Our commitment to every patient includes:

  • Honouring your greatest potential
  • The most innovative surgical techniques for the face, breasts and body
  • The best emerging non-surgical treatments
  • The latest procedures in the art of facial reshaping – without surgery
  • The best customised skin care including laser treatments, cosmeceuticals and traditional beauty therapies

We’re confident that from the minute you walk into our discrete spa like environment in Darlinghurst you’ll notice the positive Shape culture at work.