Cosmetic Physician

Dr Sonia Verma is a cosmetic physician with over 20 years’ medical experience. Sonia is passionate about taking a holistic approach to skin, health and beauty reflecting her background in general practice. She aims to work in unison with her clients to help them determine how they want to enhance their look, whilst remaining authentic to the individual and leaving them looking and feeling confident and refreshed.

While Sonia is of course interested in all aspects of cosmetic medicine, she has developed a particular interest in the use of injectables. She is always genuinely excited and enthusiastic about the scope to make significant cosmetic enhancements, while retaining the natural look and character which is faithful to ones character and style. In that pursuit, effective communication is of course integral to each consultation – understanding a clients objectives while offering guidance and advice about the best approach to take in order to realise those objectives and best enhance their unique qualities. 

Sonia has been trained in the United Kingdom as well as in Australia; she is a member of the American academy of aesthetic medicine and the royal college of GP’s.

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