Face Lift Before & After

Face lift before and after photos

Face lift before and after photos

The face is integral to our appearance and confidence - it’s the most immediately defining feature of our personal brand. A facelift is so much more than just tightening of the skin . A facelift is a highly unique and advanced surgical procedure to rejuvenate the face.  Dr Liew’s approach involves bringing up the deeper layers of skin and muscle and suspending them to form a soft, natural and harmonious profile.

What are my facelift options?

We are fortunate to live in an era that allows us to look our very best at every age and stage of life. There are a number of possible options that can rejuvenate the ageing afce. Shape Clinic offers a wide variety of procedures, including surgical and non-surgical options, many pioneered by Dr Liew himself. The best one for you will depend on your desired outcome. Surgical options at Shape Clinic include:

  • Eye and brow lift
  • Neck lift
  • Facial liposculpture
  • Facial implants
  • Ear pinning
  • Facelift

New generation non-surgical treatments can rejuvenate and re-shape the ageing face often delaying the need for surgery. There are many non-surgical options and a consultation with Dr Liew will determine whether a non surgical or surgical approach to treatment is needed.

Before and after facelift pictures allow you to become familiar with the process and can help you visualise what a final result may look like. There are many different procedures available and before and after photos may aid your decision making process or equip you with the right questions before consultation.

Why choose a facelift?

At Shape Clinic, we take pride in helping you be your own kind of beautiful . The face is such a prominent part of our image, and therefore our confidence. For this reason, many people want to get back the loss of definition and elasticity that fades with age. To get a naturally rejuvenated look, you can work with Dr Liew to assess which procedure suits your needs.

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The Liew Lift

Dr Liew has combined several groundbreaking methods f to develop the Liew Lift. A global beauty template, the Liew lift is fast being adopted as a universal standard and measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures – surgical and non- surgical - around the world. He has developed many non-surgical techniques to achieve aesthetically-pleasing results for his patients. These methods can help reshape, contour and redefine your face for a look you’ll love.

Ultimately, the face is the focal point of our physical identity. It’s how we express ourselves to the world, and how the world sees us in return. As your skin loses elasticity and definition due to age, it can sag and droop. For many people, this is not the image they want to present to the world.

This is where we can help. At Shape Clinic, we want to help you realise your image ideals and bring out  your natural beauty. We believe that when natural beauty is aligned with your ideal shape, everything else falls into harmony. If you’re considering non-surgical or surgical treatment of the face,  before and after images  are a great tool to determine what will help you beautifully restore what you have lost. Contact us today for a consultation.