What’s wrong with growing old gracefully?

For some reason, almost every health and beauty journalist I meet, loves to ask me the same question, regardless of where I have been interviewed. Australia, LA, New York, Paris, Shanghai or Tokyo, it’s becoming predictable.

Not wanting to sound too harsh, controversial or bold, but my answer to them is that in my opinion there is absolutely nothing remotely gracious about growing old at all. Yes, one can grow old gracefully in character, manner and poise, but visually, it is simply not physiologically possible. Don't believe me? Just look at our own grandmothers or to our beloved mothers in law.

The simple fact is that as we age, we start to look a little sad, sometimes angry and often very tired and all of this is normal, the ageing process is not kind to anyone.

Just to paint the full ‘graceful’ picture here. The facial tissue starts to sag, developing visible frown lines and in severe cases, angry folds between the eyes. We lose volume and fullness in the cheeks that become flatter and make us appear drawn, tired and lack lustre. The on-going ageing process around the corner of the mouth causes it to drop creating that downturned sad look that the French have aptly coined, the ‘bitter folds’.

 Doesn’t sound graceful at all does it?

 So why do journalists still ask me again and again? I guess some simply hope for a reassuring affirmation. Others may have elderly friends who look so ‘natural and graceful’ even in their 70’s, not realising that they may have had some good enhancement work be it surgical or non-surgical. Others may just want to sound ‘correct’ I guess.

 To all of my friends and followers, the approach to ageing is to simply embrace it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with growing old, but we have the opportunity to soften the years, remove the sad or angry ‘bitter folds’ and genuinely age with grace. With modern non-surgical tools we can all age incredibly gracefully indeed.

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