FACE VALUE: Cost of Filler $400. True Cost of Filler, $400K.

April 8, 2022

I’m so sorry, but I simply couldn’t get past her puffy cheeks and over-inflated lips. I know my bias is unacceptable, especially in the current climate of conscious culture, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that she would be representing the face of the company if we hired her.


Today I had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend who happens to be the president of a major international company. He is in town to hire an Australian CEO to oversee the Asia Pacific arm of the business, a job that offers a salary package in excess of $400K.

So, the candidate in question met all of the rigorous criteria. She was intelligent, personable, well composed and had impeccable credentials. She was in fact, the ideal professional for the role. However, there was one factor that the company director couldn’t look past, her extremely enhanced appearance. As superficial as that sounds and for all of the obvious work that had gone into her presentation, she missed the mark in one crucial area. She made the wrong choice or rather, trivialised whom she chose to help ‘maintain her appearance.’ In this case, perhaps she had selected the quick fix, a special promotion offering a cheap fast ‘top up.’

Unfortunately, in the current aesthetic environment, facial injectables have become a commodity. Some simply choose to believe that all practitioners are the same and become price focussed rather than skill focussed. There are many well documented risks associated with this approach, not least the potential visual mishaps, but also the real risk of infection. Yes, it’s no real surprise that there is a direct relationship between discount treatments and poor quality or ‘watered down’ products. The calibre of injecting staff comes into question too. I’ve spoken before about the correlation between the science of the product and the artistry of the skilled specialist. With so many basically trained operators out there, it’s little wonder the horror stories and clumsy results we see walking around. Some clients are painfully aware and some blissfully unaware of the very real negative outcomes a heavy-handed nurse can bring. Our face is our greatest visual asset. It defines our physical identity and it’s how we communicate and transmit visual cues to others. Making a decision on which practitioner to select, should be given full consideration.

The bizarre state of affairs out there reveals that for some, more time is spent in selecting a hairstylist for a haircut that will last six weeks and yet will without a moment’s thought, drop into the high street injector and let someone put needles in their face for questionable results that can last three months and sometimes much longer. Not to mention the botched procedures that require much work to resolve.

Quite simply put, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and what appeared in this case to be an inexpensive solution, actually cost her the job.

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