My husband will divorce me if he finds out I’ve had anti-wrinkle injections & fillers!

April 8, 2022

‘The truth is that cosmetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical, if expertly performed, have the power to transform not only the physical appearance but also enhance the emotional state’. Dr Steven Liew


For years, I have had patients confess that they have to hide the truth and make a secret of having had anti-wrinkle injectionsand dermal fillers from their husbands.

“He will divorce me, he doesn’t believe in those things, he thought I looked good for my age but I have never had the courage to tell him.”

Clients have gone to great lengths to hide treatment times, booking in while their spouse is away, telling them the bruise or swelling is from laser treatment for capillaries and paying cash for their treatment, using personal credit cards and never taking a tell tale receipt.

At times, I have even been party to a little creative camaraderie and become somewhat adept at offering suitable ideas for my female clients to excuse various treatments. “Perhaps, tell them you have an allergy or an insect bite or it’s a result of dental work or even that Dr Liew is trialling new skin treatments for dermatitis.”

Shocking but true and after years of wondering why these harmless stories needed to be told, I have finally understood what the husbands at home fear

Horror stories in the media, sensationalist ‘before and after’ shots, it’s easy to understand that the thought of a beloved partner choosing to have treatments, could lead to freakish results and that their spouse will return complete with a trout pout, duck lips, overblown cheeks, pillow face etc. These of course are the extremes, victims of the over-filling practised by some. Unfortunately however, these faces are becoming increasingly visible on the streets of L.A, London, Paris and Shanghai and I have recently found out, are termed the ‘New Normal’.

As a plastic surgeon and someone who takes pride in appreciating the details of facial aesthetics, I feel angry and greatly disappointed when I see these poor faces. In this day and age, where we have incredible tools, we seem to be perpetuating exaggerated results and creating a tribe of monsters who have lost perspective of what the beautiful face is all about. There are no excuses. Personally, I blame the aesthetic providers, the lack of criteria required to prevent this small group of poor injectors from operating. It is this sector of so called ‘experts’ that are the regular offenders and believe that a reduction in cheek volume means you have to inflate the cheeks to the size of beach balls. A procedure undertaken in the hope and opinion that inflation creates a ‘lifting effect’. A term that they may recall from a lecture, but unfortunately have clearly not understood.

It’s the creation of these very inflated, over enhanced faces that has reinforced negative beliefs around aesthetic procedures and equally fostered an environment of creative resourcefulness on the part of the patient.

The truth is that cosmetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical, if expertly performed, have the power to transform not only the physical appearance but also enhance the emotional state. As skilled clinicians, we hold a serious responsibility for the total wellbeing of our clients. Our genuine ‘expertise’ lies not only in delivering elegance and artistry to our craft, but also in exercising a light touch to create results that ‘Everyone will notice, but no one will know’.

Have a look at our before and after images below to see what I’m talking about…

Shape Clinic Client, aged 39

Dr Steven Liew, hiding aesthetic treatments from your partners

Steven says, you’re not alone and he is sometimes part of the story making

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