In the early 20s beauty is so often defined by looking outward and comparing oneself against impossible airbrushed standards.

By the end of this decade however, many are coming into their own with a career becoming established as well as the development of a truer sense of self and your own unique beauty. 

In this formative decade, most cosmetic treatments are non-surgical and aimed at enhancing and beautifying the face.

Apart from simple effective treatments such as lip enhancement and skin improvement, Shape also offers advanced, pioneering techniques including a total facial reshaping procedure where the ‘girl next door’ can be transformed into a stunning beauty. This treatment is especially effective on younger women because your skin is still naturally radiant and supple. 

Our 20s is also a time when many who are unhappy with aspects of their body will consider surgery. This may include surgery to enlarge small breasts or correct breast abnormalities.

Dr. Liew has also seen a growing trend in double eyelid surgery among young Asian women. Chin implant surgery and prominent ear correction for a more feminine and glamorous profile is also in high demand.

At this age, a lighter non surgical touch is imperative and, with this in mind, Dr. Liew has developed a number of remarkably effective non-surgical enhancements for common problems such as dark circles under the eyes.  His ‘Sydney lip’ is renowned for adding a beautiful, tailored, sensuous enhancement to the lips.

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