We live in an incredibly body conscious era. The media feeds this obsession with weekly ‘how did she do it?’ articles about this celebrity or that.

As well as your own efforts with exercise and diet, there are now many non-surgical and surgical options to assist you to achieve the body you want. 

No matter how much exercise you do, there can often be areas of fat that won’t budge. Shape Clinic offers liposculpture for larger areas of stubborn fat and the revolutionary Sculptured for smaller areas that just need a nudge. 

This area of cosmetic procedures has seen dramatic advances in the last few years; we really can help to permanently reduce body fat and dramatically transform your body shape.

Pregnancy and weight loss can really take its toll on a body. In both cases, the skin is pulled out of shape and muscles loosen and sag due to the pressure of either abdominal fat or your baby bump, and is unable to spring back into place once that pressure is gone.

As we age, arms and hands can also reveal the years. This is also something we can really help restore. You don’t have to settle for less than you deserve to be.

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