Cheek and Chin

With the latest non-surgical techniques we can now rejuvenate and dramatically enhance the cheek, jowl and jaw line - using new generation dermal fillers to create non-surgical cheek and chin implants appearance.

Working to Dr Liew’s global beauty template - the Liew LIFT - dermal fillers are used to re-sculpt the mid and lower face and restore volume to create a youthful facial curve.

Strategically injected, the dermal fillers act as a three-dimensional lattice, not only plumping up the cheek but also lifting the cheeks and the jowls. This creates a natural looking, fuller and more youthful appearance to the cheek. The procedure can also correct any minor deformity of the jowl and jawline.

The procedure can transform and glamourise a facial shape, giving a more refreshed and attractive appearance. Indeed, the results of this procedure are often quite stunning.

Candidates for Cheek and or Chin implant in a syringe include:

  • younger people who simply want to make their cheeks fuller or more defined but are not ready to proceed with a surgical cheek or chin implant
  • people who already have a defined cheek and like to have a more glamorous supermodel-like appearancepeople in their late thirties and forties with early signs of mid facial ageing such as a flattening of the cheek area
  • people in their forties and fifties who are contemplating a mid face and lower face lift but wish to delay surgery
  • people who have had facial surgery in the past and would like to restore volume and definition to the mid face without further surgery



Procedure time: 30 minutes

Downtime required: None

Results duration: Up to 12 - 24 months, depending on type of dermal fillers used and individual metabolic variations.*

Pair this treatment with: Injectable filler to the lower eyelids (tear trough/dark circle)

*Individual results may vary


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