Chemical Peels Sydney

Chemical peels involve the application of chemical solutions to the surface of the skin to remove the top few layers of skin cells and to stimulate the growth of new skin.

The removal of the external layer of the skin also allows enhanced penetration of agents applied to the skin topically following the peel. For this reason a chemical peel may enhance the results of other cosmetic procedures. Medical grade chemical peels are designed to remove common skin problems including pigmentation, acne scarring, sun, and age damage.

There are essentially three types of chemical peels:  

  1. superficial;
  2. medium; and 
  3. deep

Superficial chemical peels penetrate to the depth of the upper epidermis, or superficial layer of the skin.  They are a safe treatment and, when performed over a period of time, can produce exceptional results. Superficial peels are tolerated very well and essentially require no downtime following the procedure. 

Our clinical nurse specialists perform medium and deep chemical peels in a monitored environment. Medium and deep chemical peels produce a more dramatic immediate result, with the trade off of up to ten days downtime. It is generally applied to skin problems that have a deeper origin such as acne scarring or severe sun damage.

*This information about chemical peels was reviewed by Dr. Steven Liew. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form here.

Procedure time: 30 mins

Downtime required: 0 - 10 days (depending on type of chemical peels)

Results duration: not applicable

Pair this treatment with: Medicated skincare

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