Eye and Brow Lift

It’s true that “the eyes are the windows to our soul”, so it’s a shame when eye bags and puffy or drooping upper eyelids distort our whole appearance making us look tired and sad.

Contemporary surgical techniques to rejuvenate and beautify the eyes no longer involve simply removing excess fat and skin - an approach that often resulted in making the eyes look hollow and unnatural. At Shape we take a more conservative approach to removing loose skin and instead focus on preserving and redistributing fat. 

In the upper eye crease, volume often needs to be restored to create a crisp, sharper upper lid. With the lower eyelid, the aim is to recreate a youthful curve, smoothing out any bags or fat bulges to create a seamless transition to the cheek area (lid-cheek junction). 

Rejuvenating the surrounding area of the eye is also critical. This may involve manipulation of the lower eyelid muscle as well as tightening and elevating of the corner of the eyelid. 

A good eye lift, combined with a brow lift where required, can make you appear both refreshed and more beautiful without any telltale signs of surgery.


Procedure time: 1 - 1.5 hrs

Downtime required: 7 - 10 days

Results duration: Long lasting*

Pair this treatment with: Anti-wrinkle injections

*Individual results may vary

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