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The face is integral to our appearance and confidence - it’s the most immediately defining feature of our personal brand. Our unique features and facial definition determine not just how we feel about ourselves, but also how we present ourselves to the world. However, as we age, the skeletal framework of the face shrinks and facial fat diminishes, often resulting in a droopy and deflated appearance. Combined with the deterioration of skin elasticity and muscle tone, these effects usually lead to the formation of skin folds, creases and jowls. The loss of definition around the jawline also causes the lower face to sag and become heavy, leading to a prematurely aged or worn appearance.

The contemporary facelift is a highly advanced and complex surgical procedure designed to completely rejuvenate the face. Unlike the “traditional" facelift of old, which is often associated with a tightened or taut look, Dr Liew’s facelift surgery focuses on creating a natural, soft and harmonious profile. Instead of merely stretching or pulling at loose skin, Dr Liew focuses on repositioning the skin and tissue, replacing lost volume, and lifting the skin in the right direction to enhance your features and recapture your natural beauty.

“A From my perspective, a facelift should be considered a surgery of last resort. Why? Because there are numerous non-surgical options available nowadays, which for most people can be sufficient to ease the effects of time. However, for patients who do require more extensive correction, I am happy to say that the “windtunnel” look of the past is no longer what patients need to expect, or fear. A facelift is not just about making the skin taut - it is about addressing the underlying anatomical changes in the ageing face. Much of this involves correcting volume loss. When we do lift the skin, it is all about the right vectors - what is the best direction, and how much? I always aim for a highly natural looking result for my patients, because the outcome should ultimately look like you, just refreshed. A well-performed facelift is also one that minimises incisions and ensures that they are carefully camouflaged. For my facelifts, incisions are usually placed inside the ear, or a few millimetres behind the hairline, to keep them well hidden. .”


A facelift is a highly individualised surgical procedure designed to elevate the skin and reshape areas of the face that have drooped or sagged with age. In harmony with Dr Liew’s aim to create natural and soft results, his modern and highly developed approach involves less resection of the skin and a stronger focus on lifting and suspending the skin’s deeper layers and underlying muscles. He also places the incision either inside the ear or a few millimetres behind the hairline to avoid visible scarring, giving the area time to heal while leaving no tell-tale signs of surgery.

The facelift treatment process begins during your in-depth consultation, where Dr Liew carefully analyses your facial structure to determine the direction of lifting required to produce your desired look. Using advanced methods and the highest-quality equipment, Dr Liew repositions and re-drapes underlying muscles and the skin, and then combines this with the restoration of volume. He uses fat grafting techniques to remove small amounts of fat from other areas of the body, most commonly the abdomen, before processing and strategically injecting the purified fat cells into the face to replace the volume that has diminished over time. This process is based on Dr Liew’s vision for creating symmetrical and harmonious contours that tone and holistically redefine the face.

Dr Liew’s Aftercare Experience

Beyond the surgical procedure, Dr Liew offers patients an exceptional aftercare experience. Through Shape Clinic’s Beauty Through the Ages program, we ensure that newly achieved results continue to flourish by selecting a series of non-surgical treatments and carefully personalising them for each patient. Skincare is an essential part of the post-operative process. Based on your needs, skin type and stage of life, Dr Liew will work with you to establish a simple, balanced and gentle skincare regime that will smoothen and hydrate ageing skin. Using natural products with scientifically proven results that are tailored to your skin type will help boost the skin’s texture and keep the face clear and radiant as your face settles and adapts to the new positioning.

Candidates for Facelift Surgery

While there are various non-surgical methods available to enhance or postpone the ageing face, facelift surgery is most suitable for men and women who have experienced a significant loss of shape and volume as a result of the ageing process. The procedure is commonly performed for women in their late 40s and over who have experienced a significant loss of volume, bone density and skin elasticity, resulting in the formation of jowls, skin folds and a sagging jawline that altogether deflates the face. A facelift is therefore suitable for those seeking to completely revitalise their profile, while those seeking minor improvements to specific facial areas may benefit more from non-surgical alternatives, such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections. If you are unsure about your suitability to treatment, Dr Liew can work with you to determine the procedure that will effectively address your concerns and desires. If you are a candidate for facelift surgery, Dr Liew will create a treatment plan based on your current condition and ideal aesthetic look. 

The Difference Between a Facelift and Neck Lift

Since the neck is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing, a neck lift is commonly performed in conjunction with a facelift for more comprehensive results. Neck lift surgery focuses on the area below the chin and jawline and aims to elevate sagging skin that drapes or hangs around the neck. This procedure involves repositioning skin under the chin, jawline and jowls to produce a younger and smoother complexion. Neck lift surgery is most effective when performed in combination with a facelift, as the result is a holistic and natural-looking refinement of the entire face.

The Difference Between a Facelift and a Surgical Brow Lift

The brow lift, also known as the forehead lift, is a surgical procedure designed to address a sagging or deeply furrowed brow. While a facelift targets the lower face, a brow lift focuses on the upper portion and serves to elevate the eyebrows and smooth out the forehead, correcting the fatigued look caused by droopy eyelids and deep furrows. During a brow lift, sagging or excess skin may be removed, while underlying muscles and tissue may be repositioned to eliminate deep grooves and soften creases across the forehead and nose bridge. The brow lift is often combined with eyelid surgery for a full rejuvenation of the eye and forehead area. This treatment is therefore suitable for those with concerns primarily around the eye, brow and forehead area.

Non-Surgical Facelift Options

Facelift surgery is a complex surgical treatment, taking from three to four hours to complete and requiring a downtime period of approximately two weeks. For patients who have experienced a loss of volume and definition in the face but do not feel ready for surgical treatment, there are various non-surgical alternatives available that can help to create your ideal facial aesthetic. At Shape Clinic, we believe that healthy, radiant skin is the foundation of of beauty, and provide numerous options including microneedling and laser treatments to refresh the complexion. Dermal fillers are highly rewarding for those seeking to add volume to certain areas of the face, while anti-wrinkle injections can help to soften creases and wrinkles that create an aged, tired or worn appearance. For a full list of our non-surgical facial treatments, please refer to our treatment menu.

The Liew Lift

The Liew Lift encompasses a series of revolutionary techniques used by surgeons and physicians across the globe to help patients achieve the most aesthetically beautiful results. Guided by his innovative artistry and expertise, Dr Liew has identified the angle of beauty and has developed a series of world-first non-surgical treatments that serve to reshape and contour the face into its most beautiful form. These pioneering techniques can help to redefine your face, helping you achieve your desired profile and regain confidence in your appearance. For more information on how the Liew Lift can benefit you, visit our Total Face Enhancement page or enquire online.

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The face is intrinsic to our identity; its unique fabric determines how we express ourselves and how the world perceives us. When considering any facial treatment, it is crucial to consult an experienced professional who will carefully consider your desires and produce results that complement your authentic features. Drawing on unparalleled artistry and technical skill, Dr Liew has been recognised as one of Australia’s leading specialist plastic surgeons. He is passionate about capturing your natural beauty and revealing its highest aesthetic potential.

At Shape Clinic, we are committed to your cosmetic journey and helping you restore faith in your beauty by using the most advanced cosmetic enhancement procedures. Our aim is to create naturally convincing and aesthetically beautiful results by designing an individualised treatment plan that considers your circumstances and stage of life. Whether you are seeking surgical or non-surgical treatment, Shape Clinic can guide you toward your ideal appearance and your happiest, most confident self. If you would like to know more about your treatment options, email us at concierge@shapeclinic.com.au or contact us on (02) 8356 2888 to book your consultation.

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