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Shape’s trademark ‘Sydney Lip’ is beautifully tailored, sensuous, and far from the overblown ‘trout pout’.

The lips are integral to your facial aesthetic. When they begin to lose definition and volume or show signs of ageing, it can affect your entire appearance. Lip enhancement at Shape Clinic in Sydney aims to restore both size and shape to your lips, creating a youthful and harmonious balance between your facial features that complements your natural beauty. Striving always for natural-looking results, Dr Steven Liew and his expert team of cosmetic injectors work to personalise each treatment to suit the aesthetic goals and cosmetic needs of each patient. As highly experienced injectors, the specialists at Shape Clinic take every measure to create lips that are beautifully proportioned and in balance with your unique facial aesthetic.

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement or lip fillers are a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure designed to restore volume, shape and definition to the lips. As we age, reduced collagen levels and changes to the dermal structure often lead to thinning lips and wrinkles around the mouth. Fillers work to correct these side effects and recreate a more youthful, naturally enhanced contour of the lips. For many women, lip enhancement is about restoring lost volume and creating a softer, smoother outline. For others, fillers can produce a fuller and juicier aesthetic to accentuate the lips. Fortunately, the new generation fillers now give women a range of options to suit their individual needs and aesthetic desires.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is an excellent, highly advanced way to restore shape, structure and volume to the lips. When performed by a qualified injector with extensive experience, lip fillers boast various benefits, including:

  • Plump, hydrated lips
  • Youthful shape and definition
  • Natural-looking enhancement
  • Minimally invasive and little downtime required
  • Customisable treatment
  • Immediate results
  • Long-lasting improvements

At Shape Clinic, Dr Liew and his team understands the need to achieve naturally convincing results, rather than the overdone or ‘trout pout’ look. To prevent an unnatural-looking outcome, the cosmetic experts at Shape Clinic design a treatment plan for each patient that is carefully tailored to their aesthetic goals and unique facial structure.

The Consultation

The consultation is a crucial part of the treatment process; this is where your physician will analyse your facial proportions, determine the most suitable approach, and walk you through the steps of the procedure. The consultation will also give you the chance to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have about treatment. At Shape Clinic, Dr Liew strives to create a warm, comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed and open to discussing your expectations. Based on your stage of life, aesthetic goals and facial structure, your cosmetic injector will determine the sites of injection and prepare a procedural plan to ensure you achieve personalised and naturally convincing results.

Lip Enhancement Procedure

The procedure will vary for each patient depending on their predetermined plan. Your lips will be numbed to ensure you feel minimal pain and discomfort, though you may feel a slight prick or pinching sensation during treatment. Once numbed, your physician will inject a substance into the areas of the lips requiring enhancement, contouring volume and shape as desired. Lip enhancement generally takes about 30 minutes to perform. The result is a lush, hydrated and well-defined contour of the lips that will enhance and complement your entire profile.

Pairing this Treatment

Since the ageing process affects the entire face, many patients benefit from combining lip fillers with other injectables to reclaim a more youthful contour of the lower face. While the lips tend to thin with age, fine lines and wrinkles can also develop around the corners of the mouth, creating a worn, aged and fatigued look. Over time, changes to the dermal structure also cause the skin to sag and fat deposits to shift, often leading to jowls and a sunken chin and jawline. Injectable fillers can correct these side effects and revitalise the shape and structure of the lower face. While lip fillers work to restore volume and definition to the lips, other injectables can help to smooth out fine lines and create a more defined jawline. The result is a more youthful, refreshed contour and a better facial structure that can transform your entire appearance. If you are seeking to enhance more than just your lips, talk to your physician about how you can achieve your ideal look.

Who is a Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement is a safe and popular procedure that can offer benefits for patients of all ages. Today’s developments in cosmetic enhancement mean that lip fillers can also be customised to the desires and needs of each patient. This treatment is most suitable for patients seeking to increase volume, restore fullness and definition, or improve the shape and symmetry of the lips. Alternatively, if you wish to enhance the balance between your lips and other facial features, or reduce fine lines around the mouth, you may be a good candidate for lip enhancement. At Shape Clinic, we perform this treatment for those seeking softer and smoother lips. A consultation with Dr Liew or one of his specialist staff will be the best way to determine whether lip fillers are suitable for you.

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Shape Clinic is an internationally recognised clinic, headed by specialist plastic surgeon Dr Steven Liew and specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatments. Driven by the exceptional skill and aesthetic vision of Dr Steven Liew, Shape Clinic offers world-class service and care for patients seeking to enhance their appearance and restore confidence in their beauty. Drawing on elements of symmetry, harmony and grace, Dr Liew and his team of cosmetic experts strive to create personalised and natural-looking results that bring out the best in your beauty. Lip enhancement can not only revitalise your lips but also restore balance and harmony to your face and enrich your holistic appearance. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of lip fillers or would like to know more, fill out our online form or call (02) 8356 2888 to book a consultation.

*This information about lip enhancement was reviewed by Dr. Steven Liew. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form here.

Procedure time: 30 mins

Downtime required: Overnight

Results duration: Up to 12 months*

Pair this treatment with: Injectable fillers to corner of the lips, jowl and chin

*Individual results may vary

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