Non Surgical Nose Job Sydney - The 10 Minute Nose Job

A signature innovation from Dr Liew.

This is a relatively new procedure that requires great aesthetic skill and judgment - another signature innovation from Dr Liew. While technically more involved than other non-surgical options, this innovative  reshaping procedure is a much simpler alternative to nasal surgery. The non-surgical nose job can be used to:

  •  improve the height of the nasal bridge (for Asians)
  • correct minor indentation or crookedness from trauma or previous surgery
  • reshape the entire nose - from a more refined nasal tip to a more pronounced nose bridge

 The procedure involves the use of carefully placed dermal fillers to reshape or correct deformities. Pain is minimal with the use of topical numbing cream and local anaesthetic.



Procedure time: 20 minutes

Downtime required: 24 hours

Results duration: Up to 12 - 15 months (depending on type of dermal fillers and individual variation)*

Pair this treatment with: Facial fillers to the chin

*Individual results may vary

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