Total Face Enhancement

The ageing process encompasses every part of our face and as such, it make sense to deal with it as a whole.

By treating the face as a whole (not just a list of composite features and parts) the results, while entirely natural looking, are transformative. This is the basis of Shape Clinic’s Beauty Through the Ages Program.

Total Face Enhancement is a treatment pioneered by Dr Liew and showcases the full potential of Shape’s Beauty Through The Ages program: artfully combining skincare treatments, laser work and advanced procedures with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. The aim is for you to look the best through every age of your life and yet maintain a natural appearance that is entirely appropriate for the stage of life you’re in.

Treatments can be staged over months or years - according to a patient’s age, their personal goals and of course their budget.

This involves a combination of Dr Liew’s world first non-surgical facial procedures, such as lower face and jawline re-sculpting, as well as other relatively new procedures such as the cheek and chin lift.

The aim is to:

  • transform the facial shape to that of an aesthetically ideal oval shape
  • restore the youthful Ogee curve of the cheek with the use of non-surgical procedures such as the cheek and chin implant and, where appropriate, the eyelift and facelift in a syringe
  • re-shape the lower face to a slimmer more feminine shape

To achieve optimal results, Dr Liew assesses the patient’s face against his global beauty template - the Liew LIFT (Liew International Face Template [see media section, “Concepts of Beauty”, Dermatology Times 2009]) – which is fast being adopted as a universal standard and measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures around the world.

The Liew LIFT is based on the facial shapes of models and actresses considered universally beautiful. Dr Liew observed that the world’s greatest beauties, regardless of their ethnicity, all shared a common facial shape as well as specific measurements of the angle of their jaw line: The Angle of Beauty.

A rejuvenated, more glamorous and attractive appearance is now within everyone’s reach, not just those who opt for surgery.



Procedure time: 45 minutes

Downtime required: Up to 1 day

Results duration: Up to 18 - 24 months*

Pair this treatment with: Skincare and laser

*Individual results may vary

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