Total Face Enhancement

The ageing process encompasses every part of our face and as such, it make sense to deal with it as a whole.

The face is composed of a unique combination of parts. These distinctive facial features are integral to our identity and present some of the most fragile and sensitive of our entire appearance. The face’s vulnerability to age, gravity and other lifestyle factors can make it difficult to maintain the vibrant and youthful aesthetic we strive for. Dr Liew’s total face beautification aims to address this issue holistically, by embracing the face as a whole, rather than as separate parts, and creating a procedural plan that produces a natural yet transformative result.

Pioneered by Dr Liew, the total face enhancement showcases the highest potential of Shape Clinic’s Through the Ages program; a plan founded on this holistic approach to cosmetic beauty. This program artfully combines skincare treatments, laser work and advanced procedures, including dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, to help you look your best through every stage of life. The aim is to enrich and refine your facial appearance while maintaining a subtle, natural aesthetic that is entirely appropriate for your age and stage of life. These treatments can be staged over months or years depending on your age, financial situation and aesthetic goals.

What is a Total Face Enhancement?

Dr Liew’s total face enhancement focuses on the entirety of the face. This treatment tends to all facial features and involves a combination of Dr Liew’s highly advanced non-surgical techniques, such as lower face and jawline re-sculpting, as well as other relatively new procedures, such as the cheek and chin lift. This treatment also focuses on the surface of the skin and aims to produce a thorough and all-embracing result, in harmony with the needs and desires of the patient.

In its holistic approach, the total face enhancement serves to correct age-affected skin that has sagged or loosened and tighten remaining tissue to produce an elevated facial contour. The surgical tightening of facial muscles helps to enhance the tone and balance of the face and neck while smoothening and improving complexion. The degree and methods of treatment will depend on the individual needs and goals of the patient and will therefore be discussed in detail upon consultation.

A Total Face Enhancement Aims to:

  • Transform the facial shape into an aesthetically ideal oval shape.
  • Restore the youthful ogee curve of the cheek with the use of non-surgical procedures, such as the cheek and chin implant, or the syringe-based eyelift and facelift.
  • Reshape the lower face for a slimmer, more feminine shape.
  • Enrich the facial aesthetic according to your needs, desires and stage of life, to ensure a natural-looking and appropriate result.

The Procedure

The steps undertaken throughout the procedure will depend on the treatment areas and concerns of the patient, and the surgical or non-surgical techniques required to address these.

This procedure can focus on the lower face and jawline, the cheek and forehead, or can encompass all parts of the face. Depending on the extent of surgery required, a total face enhancement can be staged over weeks or months, tending progressively to each facial feature as necessary. Details of the procedure, such as duration, downtime and results, will vary for each case and area of treatment and will therefore be determined in an in-depth consultation.

The Liew Lift

Dr Liew is a highly skilled and practised plastic surgeon. His passion for delivering beautiful and natural-looking results has encouraged him to develop a series of world-first non-surgical procedures that have revolutionised the cosmetic industry. Dr Liew’s pioneering techniques to reshape and transform facial shapes and features have earned him an internationally esteemed reputation.

Guided by his innovative artistry and expertise, Dr Liew has developed the iconic Liew Lift: a global beauty template to assist both plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians in achieving the best results for patients. The Lift has been based on the facial shapes and structures of the women considered most beautiful around the world: models, actresses, fashion icons. Dr Liew has observed that the world’s most iconic beautiful women, regardless of ethnicity, sharer a common facial contour, as well as specific measurements of the jawline angle: The Angle of Beauty.

The Liew Lift has become a global measuring tool for modern enhancement procedures and has been instrumental for both surgical and non-surgical treatments occurring around the world. By adopting this pattern as a universal standard, Dr Liew has helped countless patients achieve their ideal appearance, encouraging them to regain their confidence and improve their quality of life.

Why Consider a Total Face Enhancement?

Shape Clinic’s total face enhancement is an excellent, comprehensive method for treating the harsh and extensive effects of the ageing process. Over time, as collagen breaks down and the face loses elasticity and volume, the skin may begin to sag and droop while wrinkles and creases begin to emerge. This treatment has helped many patients regain the vitality and toned facial contour that diminishes and loosens over time.

This procedure is highly customisable. When planning your treatment, Dr Liew will carefully consider your needs, lifestyle factors and aesthetic desires to produce results that are meticulously tailored to you. This adaptability, combined with Dr Liew’s esteemed, world- class techniques and empathetic nature, has rendered Shape Clinic’s total face enhancement one of the highest regarded facial treatments in Sydney.

This method aims to rejuvenate the whole face for a smoother complexion and an aesthetically pleasing overall shape, allowing patients to enjoy a fresh, revitalised appearance for longer. Thanks to Dr Liew’s pioneering techniques and unparalleled artistry, an elegant, more attractive profile is now within reach not only for those who opt for surgery, but for everyone.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

A total face enhancement is suitable for those who have suffered a loss of volume, shape and balance in the face. As skin becomes lax, the face begins to lose its youthful and proportioned structure, while wrinkles and creases can prompt an exhausted, worn or even angry appearance. This treatment is appropriate for those who seek to transform their face by softening creases and tightening skin to produce an aesthetically ideal and balanced contour.

Dr Liew specialises in both non-surgical and surgical facial enhancement techniques. His expertise and exceptional skill have drawn the interest of all those who seek to improve their facial features, including those who wish to bypass surgery. Through extensively tested and proven techniques, Dr Liew can help anyone refine their most delicate facial features, with or without surgery.

What Other Treatments are Included in a Total Face Enhancement?

The total face enhancement tends primarily to the shape and underlying structure of the face, whether through advanced procedures, or liquid facelifts using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. It aims to correct skin that has loosened over time and elevate the facial contour for a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.

As this procedure strives for long-term beauty, it also incorporates detailed treatment of the skin. This part of the enhancement is addressed through skincare and laser treatments that are tailored specifically to your face to achieve even skin tones and facial clarity. To embrace and maintain this toned, refreshed profile for longer, Shape Clinic offers a variety of skin treatments that will help to support, nurture and enrich your appearance.


At Shape Clinic, our team aims to establish skincare routines that are simple, effective and scientifically tested. Dr Liew understands that skincare requirements vary for every individual, according to age, skin conditions and seasonal variations. Our aim is to provide you with the skincare solution that will both enhance your complexion and support the results of your total face enhancement.

A complex skin analysis and subsequent discussion about your concerns and situation will allow our team to prescribe a bespoke, fully individualised medical-grade skincare range and routine that will provide the best results for your complexion. When followed carefully and precisely, this routine can improve and balance skin tone and texture, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and can produce healthier, cleaner and vibrant looking skin. For more information on Shape Clinic’s skincare program, read here.


Shape Clinic offers patients a variety of laser treatments that serve to smoothen complexion and brighten skin tone. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is often sought to correct sun-damaged, freckled or pigmented skin, while fractional lasers are used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines pores and stretch marks. Shape Clinic offers an array of laser treatments, all boasting specific objectives and benefits. To learn more about Shape Clinic’s laser treatments, read here.

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The face is one of the most crucial parts of our appearance. Its unique fabric defines our expression, reflects our age and is connected to our innermost sense of identity. When considering surgical or non-surgical treatment of the face, it is essential to consult a trained, experienced professional whose expertise can help you work out the most suitable treatment for you.

Dr Liew is one of Australia’s premier specialist plastic surgeons. He leads a team of dedicated, highly experienced specialists who are committed to fulfilling the patient experience. As an internationally recognised centre, Shape Clinic is driven to help you restore faith in your beauty and reclaim your quality of life through cosmetic enhancement treatment. Our aim is to form an individualised beauty plan that is tailored to your skin type, circumstances and stage of life. If you are interested in taking your first step toward achieving your ideal appearance, email us at or contact us on +61 2 8356 2888. 


Procedure time: 45 minutes

Downtime required: Up to 1 day

Results duration: Up to 18 - 24 months*

Pair this treatment with: Skincare and laser

*Individual results may vary

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