Bernice Ellis

Bernice Ellis

Registered Nurse

Clinical cosmetic nurse specialist

With a background in surgical theatre, Bernice has specialised in non-surgical cosmetic procedures for the past two decades, has a legion of loyal clients and is one of Australia's true shape shifters. Bernice is a board member of the Cosmetic Nurses Association who act collectively to better the standards of cosmetic treatments and maintain the highest level of quality care in Australia. 

Highly skilled in anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers Sydney treatments, Bernice has until recently worked concurrently as the NSW trainer for a leading international pharmaceutical company for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables — teaching cosmetic physicians the finer arts of facial beautification and rejuvenation.

Bernice is also our resident specialist in laser therapy. This she often combined with other complementary treatments, including an individually tailored medical grade treatment program of skin care products and treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

A valued member of our Shape research team Bernice is also involved in working with Dr. Liew in trialling the very latest procedures and treatments before they are available on the Australasian market.

Dr Danae Lim

Dr Danae Lim


Cosmetic Physician

Dr Danae Lim is a cosmetic physician with 13 years’ medical experience. She is highly trained in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and has an extensive background in emergency, being extremely vigilant about safety in cosmetic practice. Skilled in cosmetic injectables, thread lifts, laser and other non-surgical modalities, Dr Lim provides a holistic treatment plan tailored specifically for each individual. As clinical trainer for Galderma, Dr Lim is able to apply very advanced facial refining techniques to all her clients.

Passionate about dermal science, Dr Lim believes in customising skin care for individuals at different stages in their treatment for the best results. Dr Lim also has an interest in researching new active ingredients to add to the anti-aging arsenal, constantly evaluating the latest technology available based on best evidence.
Dr Lim envisions a lifelong journey of self realisation through treating each and every person as a whole throughout the ages.

Echoing the philosophy of Shape Clinic, Dr Lim believes in a collaborative approach between her and her clients to achieve the most natural and individual aesthetic beauty, ultimately letting you celebrate your OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL.