Mono Threads

About the treatment

With strands finer than a human hair, PDO (polydiaxanone) monofilament threads are inserted just under the skin to form a network of collagen support and tighten the skin. These are basically dissolvable sutures which allow fibroblasts to form a layer of collagen wrapping around the axis of the threads wherever it is placed, which then contract in that same direction.
Results are very natural with it being a very safe having been used in Asia for at least 20 years. Mono Threads are especially effective when combined with other energy treatments like ultrasound or Radiofrequency to kickstart the collagen formation.

What to expect from Mono Threads

Increased collagen formation and skin tightening

  • Procedure time: 30-45minutes
  • Downtime required: 1 day
  • Pair this treatment with: Dermal Fillers

Some minor bruising can occur.

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