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About the treatment

Many women experience discomfort or pain due to large, pendulous or disproportionate breasts. Since the breasts are an integral part of our appearance, shape, size, and condition can dramatically affect our comfort, confidence, and how we feel about our body. 

Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction helps correct the uneasiness, embarrassment and physical strain caused by excess breast tissue. By reshaping and contouring the breasts to fit proportionally and harmoniously with the body, women see improved posture and enhanced physical abilities. The treatment can help to restore your comfort, confidence and self-esteem.


Breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess tissue from the breast to reshape the area into a slimmer, lighter and more balanced figure.

As a highly customisable treatment, Dr Liew creates a procedural plan based on your needs, circumstances and aesthetic goals.





Breast reduction results are visible immediately after the surgery. However, it can take up to three months for swelling to subside. The final results are long-lasting, and revision surgery is usually not required. While the operation will not prevent your body from adapting to the ageing process or significant weight fluctuations, it will allow you to enjoy a lighter bodily sensation and a more proportioned figure for years to come.

  • Remove breast tissue to reduce breast size and free the body of excess weight.
  • Improve physical mobility and make regular daily activities easier
  • Improved posture and treat neck, back and shoulder pain.
  • Complement the body with a well-proportioned breast contour.
  • Boost confidence and combat self-image issues.
  • Broaden your clothing options, enabling you to feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about your appearance. 

What to expect from Breast Reduction Surgery


In a detailed consultation before your procedure, Dr Liew will take the time to understand your needs and expectations, as well as any concerns you may have about the procedure. After examining your skin type, quality, and quantity of existing tissue, Dr Liew determines how to effectively achieve your desired breast shape.

The Procedure Overview:

  • Procedure time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Downtime required: 5 – 10 days
  • Results duration: Long-lasting*
  • Pair this treatment with: Liposuction to the side of the breasts

*Individual results may vary.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Breast reduction is a highly individualised procedure and should be considered based on your health concerns, lifestyle and aesthetic goals. The procedure can help resolve tension in the upper body and reduce emotional stress, encouraging you to embrace a more flattering figure and greater self-esteem.

Pairing this treatment with Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic technique used to remove excess fat under the skin by suction. It’s often combined with breast reduction surgery for a more comprehensive treatment of the breast area. In cases where breast size is mainly due to fatty tissue, liposuction may be used with excision techniques to remove more substantial amounts of fat. In your consultation, Dr Liew will assess whether liposuction will be necessary for your procedure. This depends on individual condition, breast composition and the amount of reduction required.

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