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About the treatment

Breast asymmetry is common among women, especially since no two breasts are identical. It’s often the result of breastfeeding, hormonal changes or medical conditions that have affected the natural development of the breasts. 

Breast asymmetry can refer to:

  1. shape
  2. position 
  3. volume
  4. uneven size 
  5. position of the areolae or nipples

For some women, this asymmetry is minor and makes little impact on their lifestyle. For women with a more prominent degree of asymmetry, the issue can raise significant concerns and can begin to affect their physical ability and quality of life.

Drawing on highly advanced surgical techniques, Dr Liew performs breast asymmetry correction surgery to restore balance and proportion to the breasts—and helps to sculpt the most beautiful version of yourself. 

As a highly customisable procedure, asymmetry correction can be combined with augmentation, lift or reduction, depending on your aesthetic desires.


In most cases of breast asymmetry correction, patients prefer to enlarge the smaller breast to match the other, though some women prefer to decrease the size of the larger breast instead. 

Dr Liew can perform this as a single procedure, focusing solely on creating uniformity between the breasts or as a combined treatment. When paired with a lift or augmentation, breast asymmetry correction can address sagging skin, rejuvenate the area and significantly enhance your curves to complement the feminine physique.

  • Restore symmetry to the breasts for a more proportioned and evenly defined look
  • Balance the breasts’ shape, volume, and position
  • Boosts body confidence and helps you to feel more comfortable in clothing
  • A highly customisable procedure that can be combined with breast augmentation, lift or reduction

Who is a suitable candidate?

While most women have some degree of unevenness, correction surgery is most suitable for those with a more significant difference between the two breasts. 

If the lack of symmetry has affected your confidence or self-esteem, or you wish to feel more comfortable in certain types of clothing, then you may want to consider addressing the issue with surgery. 

Breast asymmetry correction would benefit women with the following issues:

  • Breasts that significantly differ in size, shape or position
  • Tuberous breasts that cause an uneven breast appearance
  • Asymmetrical areolae or nipples
  • Self-consciousness or lack of confidence
  • Difficulty selecting bras or clothing

Benefits of Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry correction is a complex surgical procedure that requires years of experience and training to perform. In addition to Dr Liew’s medical proficiency, his aesthetic vision and attention to detail allow every one of his patients to benefit from this procedure. 

Benefits of this surgery include:

  • Enhanced proportion and symmetry between the breasts
  • Balance between the breasts and body
  • Improved physical comfort
  • Improved comfort in clothing
  • Reduced self-consciousness and improved confidence
  • Breasts that complement your unique figure

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