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About the treatment

Since the ageing process encompasses all parts of the face, achieving a complete rejuvenation may be the best way forward. In line with Shape’s vision, a total face enhancement addresses the face as a whole rather than a collection of separate parts. Pioneered by Dr Liew, this treatment embraces facial features in unity and serves to re-sculpt and ultimately restore all facial features to achieve an aesthetically ideal oval shape.


  • Transform the facial shape into an aesthetically ideal oval shape.
  • Restore the youthful ogee curve of the cheek with the use of non surgical procedures
  • Reshape the lower face for a slimmer, more feminine shape
  • Enrich the facial aesthetic according to your needs, desires and stage of life, to ensure a natural-looking and appropriate result.
  • Total Face Enhancement results
  • Total Face Enhancement results
  • Total Face Enhancement results
  • Total Face Enhancement results
  • Total Face Enhancement results

What to expect from a Non Surgical Total Face Enhancement

Depending on the extent of treatment, a total face enhancement can be staged over weeks, months of years, tending progressively to each facial feature as necessary. Details of the procedure, such as duration, downtime and results, will vary for each case and area of treatment and are determined in your consultation.

The Procedure Overview:

  • Procedure time: 45 minutes
  • Downtime required: Up to 1 day
  • Results duration: Up to 18 – 24 months*
  • Pair this treatment with: Skincare and laser

 *Individual results may vary.

How is Total Face Enhanacement (non surgical face lift) achieved?

Total face is done with anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser and sometimes non surgical tightening treatments. Total face is where we take all aspects of the face into consideration and treat accordingly. It doesn’t necessarily mean we use a lot of product but rather strategically place the dermal fillers to enhance the overall appearance of the face and improve symmetry. Generally total face treatment is performed over a period of time – say 6 months to 2 years. Definitely not something that is achieved overnight.

The Liew Lift

Dr Liew is a highly skilled and practised Plastic Surgeon. His passion for delivering beautiful and natural looking results has encouraged him to develop a series of world first non surgical procedures that have revolutionised the cosmetic industry. Dr Liew’s pioneering techniques to reshape and transform facial shapes and features have earned him an internationally esteemed reputation.

Guided by his innovative artistry and expertise, Dr Liew has developed the iconic Liew Lift: a global beauty template to assist both plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians in achieving the best results for patients. 

The Liew Lift is based on facial shapes and structures of the women considered most beautiful around the world: models, actresses, fashion icons. Dr Liew observed that the world’s most iconic beautiful women, regardless of ethnicity, sharer a common facial contour, as well as specific measurements of the jawline angle: The Angle of Beauty.

The Liew Lift has become a global measuring tool for modern enhancement procedures and has been instrumental for both surgical and non surgical treatments occurring around the world. By adopting this pattern as a universal standard, Dr Liew has helped countless patients achieve their ideal appearance, and regain their confidence.

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Why consider a total face enhancement?

Shape Clinic’s total face enhancement is an excellent, comprehensive method for treating the harsh and extensive effects of the ageing process. Over time, as collagen breaks down and the face loses elasticity and volume, the skin may begin to sag and droop while wrinkles and creases emerge. This treatment has helped many patients regain vitality and a toned facial contour.

This procedure is highly customisable. When planning your treatment, we will carefully consider your needs, lifestyle factors and aesthetic desires to produce results that are meticulously tailored to you. 

What other treatments are included in a Total Face Enhancement?

The total face enhancement tends primarily to the shape and underlying structure of the face through advanced procedures or liquid facelifts using anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

As this procedure strives for long-term beauty, it also incorporates detailed skin treatment. This part is addressed through skincare and laser treatments explicitly tailored to your face to achieve an even skin tone and facial clarity.


  • At Shape Clinic, we provide you with skincare routines that enhance your complexion and support the results of your total face enhancement. They are simple, effective and scientifically tested. 
  • Our team curates an individualised medical-grade skincare range and program to achieve the best results for your complexion with varying skincare requirements across age, skin conditions, and seasonal variations. 

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Like to know more about your treatment options?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a Total Face Enhancement Treatment take?

 The amount of time it takes for total face enhancement to complete will vary depending on the procedures and the individual’s skin type.

What are the risks of Total Face Enhancement?

The risks of total face enhancement are generally minor and include swelling, bruising and pain and include any risks associated with injectables.


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