A simple, yet powerful truth, I Shape Me is the heart of everything we do at Shape Clinic. It is our greatest philosophy and the core of our goal: to help your inner beauty shine and build unbreakable confidence. On pillars of harmony and grace, we strive to give you every opportunity to embrace freedom and shape your own future.

To us, #ishapeme means honouring your most unique traits. It means cherishing your beauty at every stage of life and bringing this vision into focus. #ishapeme gives you the power to choose how you express your inner character and more so, how you present yourself to the world. #IShapeMe gives you the freedom to choose not only how you look, but more importantly, how you feel.

Honouring Your Character

We believe that your unique experiences, traits and personal life journey gives you a distinctive power – an individuality to celebrate. #ishapeme means honouring the journey that brought you here and the experiences that have made you who you are today.

As one of Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons, Dr Steven Liew is driven by his passion for the art of beauty. He leads a globally recognised centre that provides both surgical and non surgical options that aim to restore faith in your beauty and confidence, encouraging you to embrace a happier, more carefree lifestyle. We design your treatment plan according to how you envision your beauty, and we invite you to find the procedure that works best for you.

Located via a discreet entrance on 19A Boundary Street, Darlinghurst in Sydney, we help honour your greatest potential, giving you confidence, liberating your mind, body and soul and recapturing the best of your natural beauty. 

Shape Transformations

The Shape team will work closely with you to recommend and personalise the most appropriate treatment plan. Our aim is to ensure “everyone will notice, but no one will know”.