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About the treatment

As the dermis on the neck is thinner than other areas of the body, this delicate area is highly vulnerable.

“A meloplasty (facelift) or cervicoplasty (neck lift) is not about pulling the face and neck tight, but rather lifting them to the right degree — Dr Liew.



A cervicoplasty (neck lift) is a surgical procedure designed to treat excess skin beneath the chin and on the neck. This treatment involves elevating the skin and tightening underlying muscles.

  • In most cases, cervicoplasty (neck lifts) and meloplasty (facelifts) are performed as a combination treatment
  • Improve the transition from the chin to the neck
  • Tightening the underlying muscles and lifting the skin in the right direction

What to expect from Cervicoplasty (Neck Lift)

Dr Liew performs meloplasty (facelift) and cervicoplasty (neck lift) together.

  • Procedure time: 3.5 hours
  • Downtime required: 2-6 weeks

Disclaimer: All surgical procedures are performed by Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steven Liew (FRACS). No before and after image is guaranteed to be the same. Individual results and recovery times may vary. All procedures carry inherent risk. Please contact Shape Clinic on 02 8356 2888 to discuss this with your practitioner before proceeding with treatment. Written and verbal consent for the use of images on our page has been given by all patients photographed. ⁠

Candidates for Cervicoplasty (neck lift) surgery

Cervicoplasty is suitable for both men and women who have :

  • Excess or loose skin below the chin and around the neck.
  • Restore shape between the chin and lower part of the neck.

Face contour sketch

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