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Plastic Surgeon Sydney — Beauty Through The Ages

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One thing you can do better than anyone else is be your own kind of beautiful.

One thing Shape Clinic can do better than anyone else is capture, protect and amplify that natural beauty through all the stages of your life.

Within the most advanced cosmetic medical facility in Australasia, globally regarded plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Liew and his team of specialist practitioners deliver cosmetic enhancement techniques that have revolutionised the industry — from full facial rejuvenation to non surgical eyelid lifts, cheek and neck lift surgery, including resculpting body and breast.

Honouring your greatest potential is why Shape Clinic exists.

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FACE VALUE: Cost of Filler $400. True Cost of Filler $400K

“I’m so sorry, but I simply couldn’t get past her puffy cheeks and over-inflated lips. I know my bias is unacceptable, especially in the current climate of conscious culture, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that she would be representing the face of the company if we hired her.”

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend who happens to be the president of a major international company. He is in town to hire an Australian CEO to oversee the Asia Pacific arm of the business, a job that offers a salary package in excess of $400K.

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