About the EMFACE treatment

EMFACE is the first device on the market utilizing the simultaneous application of both the synchronized RF and HIFES™ energies. Synchronized RF remodels & smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibers. While the HIFES™ technology restores & elevates support of facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing density & quality of muscle structure.

What this means, is not only is the skin tone improved but we are working on the underlying muscles that support the face. The result is a more lifted, toned, slimmer and contoured appearance. It really is the next generation in non-surgical technology!


The EMFACE before and afters shown below are taken 10 weeks after the final treatment.


  • EMFACE treatment before and after results
  • EMFACE treatment before and after results
  • EMFACE treatment before and after results
  • EMFACE treatment before and after results

What to expect from EMFACE

EMFACE is a revolution in facial treatments.
By emitting both synchronized RF and HIFESTM energies, it simultaneously affects the facial skin and muscles. The end result is less wrinkles and more lift naturally without needles.


What areas can be targeted with EMFACE treatment?

Some of the most common areas where EMFACE treatment is used include: 

  • Forehead: EMFACE can help to reduce static forehead lines.
  • Eyebrows: Help to lift and rejuvenate the eyebrows. EMFACE treatment may assist in relaxing and relieving tension in these muscles.
  • Cheeks: Volumise the midface. EMFACE treatment may aid in restoring muscle tone and strength. 
  • Jawline: EMFACE may help contour the jawline and minimise loose tissue.  
  • Eyes: EMFACE may  help to open the eye area and minimise the appearance of tear troughs.   
  • Facial Muscle Tension: Chronic facial muscle tension or spasm can lead to discomfort and headaches. EMFACE treatment may assist in relaxing and relieving tension in these muscles.

Who is a suitable candidate for EMFACE Treatment?

If you are interested in EMFACE treatment, our Team here at Shape Clinic can discuss whether it is the right treatment for you.

Here are some of the contraindications for EMFACE treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Metal implants in the face, neck or body
  • Pacemaker
  • Active skin infections
  • Recent sunburn

Like to know more about the EMFACE treatment?

Contact us (02) 8356 2888 to schedule a consultation or book your appointment for EMFACE in Sydney. If you would like more information on the cost of EMFACE or more EMFACE before and afters, please email us at concierge@shapeclinic.com.au


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do EMFACE results last?

The full results of the EMFACE treatments can be seen 10-12 weeks post a series of treatments. . The treatment  can be repeated 6 monthly to maintain and optimise results

Does EMFACE hurt? 

Emface treatment is generally considered to be painless. Some people may experience a mild tingling sensation during the treatment, but this is usually not painful.

Is EMFACE effective?

The effectiveness of EMFACE treatment can vary depending on the individual, but it is generally considered to be a safe and effective treatment for your skin concerns.

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