Medical Practitioner, MED0002145269

Dr Emma Kim’s background combines dermatology research with specialist training in skin cancer, offering a unique perspective on cosmetic procedures. Her expertise includes lasers, injectables, energy based devices and skin rejuvenation.

Those seeking pigmentation correction, non-surgical facial reshaping and anti-ageing of the skin at a molecular level can turn to Dr Emma Kim, who is also a trainer for Rejuran, one of the newest injectable skin improvement products out on the market.

Dr Kim’s background in skin cancer helps her approach and address concerns related to photo ageing. As a patient, her understanding of how sun damage can lead to skin cancer will give you a holistic perspective on your treatments.

Her multicultural background also puts her in a unique position to connect with clients from both Western and Asian backgrounds, as she introduces some of the latest trends, devices, and products from Korea.

As a result, she is skilled at bridging cultural divides and establishing a warm rapport that ensures you feel completely at ease and understood throughout your treatments.

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