Buffalo hump

Buffalo hump is the common description for the cervicodorsal fat pad, an abnormal fatty hump on the back of the neck, extending between the shoulder blades.

In extreme cases, this condition causes patients great distress - from social embarrassment to basic challenges like not being able to fit into regular sized clothing.

There are a number of causes for the condition, including some medications and hormonal diseases with the most common cause being side effects from certain anti-HIV medications.

The treatment of choice is removal of the fat pad with ultrasonic liposuction. We believe conventional liposuction is far less effective as the fat in buffalo hump tends to be very firm and more fibrous than normal fat.

The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthetic as a day surgical procedure.


Procedure time: 1 hour

Downtime required: 3 - 4 days

Results duration: Long lasting*

*Individual results may vary

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