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Beauty Through the Ages

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When asked ‘what do women want?’ fashion icon Valentino captured his answer in five simple words: “They want to be beautiful”

This essential truth sits at the heart of our Beauty Through The Ages™ program.

How well your beauty travels through the different stages of your life is not pre-set. A genetic advantage without a proactive and preventative skincare regime will only take you so far.

Maintaining and maximising your youthful radiance as you pass into each decade also requires aesthetic skill and the careful application of science.

Our Beauty Through The Ages™ program has been deliberately designed to enhance the natural beauty of every patient with grace and dignity. By adopting a more preventive approach to beauty, in much the same we do with our health, we can repair — and often prevent — the effects of ageing with regular, minor procedures.

On joining the Program, we will work closely with your beauty, your ambitions and of course your budget to design a tailored treatment plan for the long term. This will most likely include regular maintenance appointments such as anti-wrinkle treatments and the application of customised medical grade skincare products.

Little and often creates the greatest harmony between mind and body.

Many of the non-surgical procedures we use have actually been pioneered and perfected by Dr. Liew. Every decision we make with you contributes towards the most attractive, natural looking you.

Don’t just put your best foot forward. Put your freshest face forward too, at every age.