Double Eyelid Surgery Sydney – Asian Eye Lift

Known in Asia as the ‘double-eyelid’, this procedure has become increasingly popular in Australia over the past decade.

It’s relatively simple surgery that creates a soft natural looking upper eyelid crease, making the eyes appeared larger, brighter and better defined. 

Asian patients who seek this form of surgery do not want to ‘westernise’ their appearance. Rather, the aim is to naturally enhance the eyes – making them look brighter and bigger - while also allowing them to apply eye makeup with ease.

The key to successful Asian eyelid surgery is to understand the Asian perception of a beautiful eyelid. For example, the eyelid crease height generally needs to be set lower than that of Caucasians. The shape of the eyelid crease will also vary according to each patient, based on an assessment of the so-called parallel versus lateral flaring and the inner versus outer crease.

The eyelid crease can be created with either an ‘open’ surgical technique where an incision is made in the skin or the less invasive “closed” surgery, where the eyelid is formed with the insertion of a few sutures. The technique used will largely depend on the condition of the eyelid. 

Often, this surgery is combined with the correction of some underlying droopiness of the eyelid (ptosis repair).

Most cases can be performed as office based surgery with mild sedation.


Closed suture technique

Procedure time: 35 minutes (local anaesthetic)

Downtime required: 48 hours

Results duration: Up to 5 - 10 years*

Pair this treatment with: Facial injectables

*Individual results may vary


Open incision technique

Procedure time: 60 minutes (local anaesthetic and sedation)

Downtime required: 5 - 7 days

Results duration: Long lasting*

Pair this treatment with: Facial injectibles

*Individual results may vary

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