Face and Neck Lift Surgery Sydney

As we age, gravity, sun damage and the stresses of daily life all take their toll.

The ageing process is also associated with shrinking of the skeletal framework of the face and the loss of facial fat resulting in a deflated and droopy appearance. This, together with the deterioration in skin elasticity, leads to the formation of skin folds, jowl and neckbands. The jawline becomes less defined and the lower face becomes heavier. 

The contemporary facelift reduces these highly visible signs of ageing, with far more natural looking results than earlier surgical techniques. There is now more emphasis on volume replacement and the direction (vector) of lifting rather than simply stretching sagging skin.

Far from pulling a face tight with this procedure, Dr. Liew’s philosophy is this:

“A facelift is not about pulling the face tight, but rather lifting the face to the right degree. We reshape the face from a bottom heavy look due to jowling and sagginess, to that of more fullness in the upper part of face and taper in the lower face, the so called ‘triangle of youth’. A good facelift should look soft, natural, well enhanced and never tight.”

This new approach involves lifting and suspending the deeper layer of the skin and underlying facial muscles - allowing less skin to be resected. Skin is then repositioned and redraped and lost volume is restored with the use of micro fat transfer giving the face more youthful contours. The result is a more beautiful and refreshed appearance without any telltale signs of surgery.

Equally important, and too often neglected, is the after care that should follow a facelift. Under the supervision of Dr Liew, we recommend patients join our unique Beauty Through The Ages program, so that their newly achieved appearance can continue to flourish throughout their lives via a carefully selected series of non-surgical treatments. 


Procedure time: 3.5 hours

Downtime required: 2 weeks

Results duration: Long lasting*

Pair this treatment with: Skincare and laser therapy

*Individual results may vary



A sagging neck is often the first tell tale sign of ageing – especially in the harsh Australian environment. Generally, necklifts are most effective when performed in combination with a facelift. (See facelift above)

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