Glamour eyes

Anti-wrinkle and injectable fillers have proven a remarkably effective combination for these ‘eye-lift in a syringe’ treatments.

There will always be patients who still require surgery to remove excess skin. But, increasingly, facial injectables are now being combined with surgery to deliver more beautiful outcomes.

‘Glamour eyes’ is yet another procedure pioneered by Dr Liew. It involves careful placement of dermal fillers on the surface of the bony eye socket to volumise, lift and project the eyebrow for a more aesthetically pleasing position and shape. The dark shadow in the lower eyes is also similarly treated to create a youthful and more beautiful appearance.



Procedure time: 30 minutes

Downtime required: Overnight

Results duration:  Up to12 - 18 months*

Pair this treatment with: Cheek and Temple enhancement with injectable fillers

*Individual results may vary

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