Capillaries and veins laser

Unsightly vessels especially capillaries, often appearing on the face and legs can be effectively reduced with minimal discomfort using our Nd Yag or Acutip lasers or a combination of both.

Vascular lasers work by delivering a specific light energy that coagulates the blood within the vessel, causing the ‘broken’ capillaries to shut down and then be reabsorbed by the body. The Yag laser is effective for deeper leg veins and the Acutip efficient in treating the more superficial capillaries.

  • one to three treatment sessions are usually required
  • No anaesthesia required, just ice and cool gel for minor discomfort
  • No downtime to facial veins, make up may be worn to cover temporary redness
  • Leg veins may incur some slight swelling and redness, stockings are not necessary
  • Treatments recommended in cooler months
  • Retreatment every 12 months is usually required
  • Treatment duration is 15-30 minutes
  • Maybe used is adjunction to limelight
  • Sunscreen use post treatment and for future prevention is recommended


Procedure time: 15 - 30 mins

Downtime required: None

Results duration: Up to 1 year*

Pair this treatment with: IPL

*Individual results may vary

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