Fraxis DUO: CO2 Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

CO2 (carbon dioxide) Fractional Laser is an effective anti ageing and skin remodelling laser treatment system.

It has a wavelength that can pass through the epidermis (more superficial layer of skin) and the dermis (deeper important laser of the skin) producing regeneration from the deeper layers. It is an ablative system where the top layer of the skin is ablated and requires some time to heal over. Depending on the indications for treatment, up to three treatments may be required. Improvement is seen within ten days.

 Fraxis Duo is good for:

  • resurfacing of sun damaged facial skin
  • deep wrinkles
  • deep acne scarring
  • surgical scars


Procedure time: 60 mins

Downtime required: 3 - 7 days according to depth of penetration of the laser

Results duration: Up to a few years*

Pair this treatment with: IPL, skincare

*Individual results may vary

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