One of the greatest fears of men contemplating facial procedures is that they may be left with an artificial look or, even worse, appear more feminine. This is completely understandable and entirely avoided at Shape Clinic.
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The influence of appearance.

Huw, 53

We have tailored our procedures for men, taking a more conservative approach to ensure the masculine aesthetic is both retained and enhanced.

The quintessentially handsome male face features a low and heavy brow, minor facial lines, a strong angular jaw line, full cheeks and a prominent chin. All our work, both surgical and non-surgical, aims to celebrate these aspects of masculinity.

Our non-surgical procedures target the effects of daily life. The simple act of laughing or smiling strains our facial muscles; UV rays and chemicals in our environment take their toll; age can create a weary look that doesn’t match how you feel.

Facial cosmetic surgery for men requires a more conservative approach than women. Dr. Liew specialises in carefully enhancing masculine features, the softening signs of your hard earned wisdom but not erasing them. 

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