Male Asian Eyelid Surgery

As with Asian women, the aim of double eyelid surgery in Asian men is to create a larger and more defined eye aperture

The creation of a well-defined crease provides three dimensionality to the eyelid and eyebrow complex. This eyelid procedure is extremely powerful in enhancing and brightening the whole facial appearance.

The height of the eyelid crease is naturally created at a slightly higher position than those of Asian females to complement the male masculine features.

The eyelid crease can be created with either an ‘open’ surgical technique where an incision is made in the skin or the less invasive ‘closed’ surgery where the eyelid is formed with the insertion of a few sutures. The technique used will largely depend on the condition of the eyelid.

Often, this surgery is combined with the correction of some underlying droopiness of the eyelid (ptosis repair).

Most cases can be performed as office based surgery.


Closed suture technique

Procedure time: 35 minutes (local anaesthetic)

Downtime required: 48 hours

Results duration: Up to 5-10 years (varies between patients)*

Pair this treatment with: Facial filler

*Individual results may vary


Open incision technique

Procedure time: 60 minutes (local anaesthetic and sedation)

Downtime required: 7 -10 days

Results duration: Long lasting

Complementary treatments: Facial filler


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