This is a great era to be growing older. Women and men in their 50s have never looked so youthful as you strive to remain vital and relevant in both your relationships and your workplaces.

Looking run down, tired and left behind is simply not an option for many and a proactive approach to both your beauty and your health is of primary importance.

While Dr. Liew's advanced non-surgical treatments can often help patients delay the need for facial surgery, this is the age you are increasingly likely to combine them with surgery to rejuvenate and ‘reset’ your natural beauty.

Face and neck lifts are often the most effective way to reduce sagging and loose skin in the neck and jowl. Upper and lower eyelid surgery and brow lifts are also in demand, to rejuvenate the face and brighten and open the eyes. This procedure is often combined with a planned set interval of facial fillers to maintain the results of surgery to ensure the positive results endure.

Injectable dermal fillers can still play a vital role in replacing lost volume to deflated cheeks, thinning lips and softening the ‘marionette’ lines around the mouth. Combined injectable therapy can dramatically reduce jowling – giving more definition to the jaw line and creating more youthful facial contours. 

In this decade, your body may also be challenged to keep up; many will opt to complement an exercise regime with liposculpting of the waistline, hips and thighs, a tummy tuck or a brachioplasty for sagging upper arms.

Skin care also needs to be stepped up at this age, combining your daily routine with medical grade skin care products and regular treatments like IPL and fractionated laser to maintain the skin luminence and texture

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