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As we age, our breasts naturally and gradually lose their shape. When the ligaments in the breast tissue stretch and lose elasticity, the area can become droopy, loose and start to sag (1). This process may be exacerbated by pregnancy — when the skin of the breast is stretched further. As a result, breast fullness is compromised, often causing uncomfortable strain on the neck, back and shoulders. As the breast's support system of tissue and fat naturally begin to diminish, the ensuing sagging can also make us self-conscious about our appearance.

Shape Clinic's breast lift surgery helps to lift and reshape the breasts. The procedure aims to raise and contour the area so that the breasts are sitting in a perkier position on the chest — producing a more youthful figure. Additionally, the areolas are then reduced so they are proportionate to the perkier and firmer new breasts. Under the expert direction of Dr Liew, our team of specialist specialists in Sydney will work with you, taking into consideration your goals and circumstances, to achieve a look that will improve your comfort, confidence and quality of life.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that raises and firms the breasts. This surgery aims to reverse the effects of ageing, pregnancy and other factors by contouring the area for a naturally revitalised appearance. The process begins with an incision, which is then generally followed by the removal of excess skin and the tightening of surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour (2).

Breast lift procedures take approximately 2.5 hours and require about 1 to 2 weeks of post-procedure downtime. The results are generally long-lasting, depending on the quality of breast tissue and implant size (if augmentation is performed at the same time as the lift). Dr Liew will consider all factors to build the most suitable, comprehensive plan for your needs and desires.

Is breast lift surgery safe?

At Shape Clinic, we understand that the decision to undergo breast lift surgery is extremely personal and requires extensive thought and consideration. While there are risks and potential complications associated with any procedure, Dr Liew and his team of well-experienced specialists will discuss everything you need to know about the treatment and measures that will be taken to reduce complications. This will be explained in intricate detail at your initial consultation.

Before your surgery, you will be placed under a general anaesthetic, as the procedure takes place while you are asleep. Shape Clinic uses only the best modern technology and techniques to perform breast lifts in a safe environment, where you are treated by a highly proficient and dedicated team from consultation to aftercare.

Candidates for breast lift surgery

People from all walks of life have sought breast lift surgery. Sagging and loose skin around the breast is a common issue particularly for those affected by ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, exercising, weight loss or menopause. Bodily factors such as collagen deficiency, oestrogen deficiency or high body mass index can also cause the tissue around the breast to droop (3). Our team performs breast lift procedures on anyone whose breast development has finished, stabilised and is no longer changing. This may include those who have finished breastfeeding or have lost a significant amount of weight and are now experiencing discomfort or distress because of loose tissue around the breast.

The procedure is often performed to treat those who have developed a flatter, elongated breast shape due to loss of volume and structure in the area. Mastopexy is also a useful solution for when your areolas begin to point downward — forcing the nipples to fall below the breast crease, as well as when the breasts are imbalanced, sitting in different positions or at uneven levels. The surgery helps to correct these issues and is an excellent method for anyone wishing to attain a more proportioned, perkier look.

Under the guidance of Dr Liew, the team at Shape Clinic understands that each breast lift journey is different. Our primary objective is to embrace the highest potential of your body and help you unearth the best version of yourself. If you are physically healthy, have reached a stable weight and wish to resolve sagging, flattened or droopy breasts, then a breast lift procedure could be the next step to achieving your ultimate body goals.

Breast lift options

Depending on your body and what you aim to achieve, a breast lift can be performed with or without augmentation using implants. Dr Liew will discuss these conditions with you and will help you discover a treatment that is most suitable for your body shape and desires.

A breast lift as a stand-alone procedure

For those who would like to reshape the breast area but are mostly happy with the size of their breasts, breast lift surgery is an excellent option. During the procedure, excess skin will be removed, and the breasts will be tightened so they project a higher position on the chest wall. The areolas will also be repositioned to match the new contour. If asymmetries between the breasts are a concern, those differences will be addressed at the same time.

A breast lift is a useful alternative for those who wish to enhance and support their breasts without the use of implants. It is also a beneficial procedure for those who suffer mild sagging and would like to correct skin that is slightly stretched or shapeless. This surgery aims to use the existing tissue to restore vitality to the breast — resulting in a look that is natural and effortlessly beautiful.

Breast lifts with augmentation

Breast lift surgery is often combined with augmentation using implants to provide more fullness to the breast while simultaneously improving their position on the chest. Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgical cosmetic procedures performed in Australia. This treatment uses silicone-filled implants to both increase volume and improve the overall shape of the breast. This is an excellent solution for those hoping to achieve a comprehensive restructuring of the breast, with a highly effective result. The outcome will be an improved definition and a more aesthetically pleasing balance with the rest of the body.

Implants are highly customisable to the individual: range, shape, size and material can be tailored to your body type and desired outcomes. This makes the lift with augmentation procedure especially beneficial for anyone who has suffered a significant loss of shape, volume and positioning at the same time. This treatment serves to enhance and rejuvenate the upper body, effectively providing a more holistic improvement to your figure.

Breast augmentation and breast lift can be completed together or separately, depending on your needs. To find out more about this procedure and how Shape Clinic can help you achieve your ideal body goals, see our page on Breast Augmentation.

Incision methods for breast lift surgery

How your treatment is planned will depend entirely on your goals and circumstances. Factors to consider will include the amount of excess skin, the position of the areolas, and the level at which your breasts sit. Bearing these components in mind, Dr Liew will work with you to decide on the most suitable and effective treatment plan. Your procedure will be thoroughly planned out accordingly to allow for optimal results.

Donut incisions

A donut mastopexy is a surgery that involves making a circular incision around the edge of the areola, where the coloured skin blends with the rest of the breast skin, followed by a second outer incision, hence the donut's shape. This circular cut is made so to allow access to the underlying tissue, where the surgeon will then remove any excess skin or fat as necessary. Once the tissue is eliminated, the remaining skin is tightened and repositioned to lift the breasts. The incision is then sutured to support and stabilise the new contour, resulting in a firmer and perkier shape.

The donut incision is most commonly used to address mild sagging and is ideal for those who do not wish to drastically change the appearance of their breasts. This method is also useful for those wanting to avoid major scarring, as this procedure usually leads to minimal post-surgical marks with incisions placed inside the pigmented area (4). The result will be subtle, natural and will improve the overall proportions and definition of the body.

Lollipop incisions

The lollipop incision involves a circular incision around the perimeter of the areola, followed by a vertical incision from the nipple to the inframammary fold (where the breast connects to the chest wall). Similar to the donut incision, these openings allow the surgeon access to the underlying tissue. The surgeon is then able to remove any excess skin or fat, as necessary, and then tighten and reposition the tissue to lift the breast.

This technique is most commonly performed on those with a small to moderate amount of breast droop and can also be used to correct the placement of the areola and nipple. This incision allows the surgeon to elevate the nipple, reduce the size of the areola (if desired), and reduce any loose skin that is stretching or elongating the breast. Lollipop incisions leave the patient with minimal scarring (5) and are ideal for those who desire a perkier breast figure but do not require significant changes or extreme raising of the breast.

Inverted T incisions

The inverted T incision, also referred to as an anchor incision, is a traditional method for breast lift surgery. It is used for more severe cases, where the breast requires significant adjustments and corrections. This procedure begins with a circular incision, followed by a vertical incision, and a final incision across the breast fold. Combining the three incisions allows for greater access to the underlying tissue and therefore more room for change. This method provides for maximal removal of the skin and is a more flexible technique for reshaping the tissue and repositioning the areola.

This technique allows for maximum access and is therefore useful for those wanting to achieve a comprehensive, thorough transformation of the breast (6). The result of this treatment is a higher positioning of the breast, a perkier figure and a complete correction and restructuring of the area. Due to the number of incisions, this procedure leaves more scarring than the donut or lollipop technique. During your initial consultation, Dr Liew will discuss scarring with you, how the team intends to reduce these implications and the aftercare processes that will help to minimise this.

Why consider a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery is an excellent choice for those hoping to reclaim fullness and balance in the breast. While it is natural for the area to loosen and sag over time (7), patients are often left to deal with the physical discomfort and cosmetic embarrassment that ensues. Loss of volume in the breast can mean a loss of confidence, social withdrawal and overall reduced quality of life.

As your breasts naturally accommodate for lifestyle and bodily changes, the procedure aims to reverse the visible effects of this. Breast lift surgery should therefore be considered by anyone whose body goals have been hindered by sagging skin or loose tissue in this area. The result is a perkier, rounder breast form that enhances your overall appearance, ultimately boosting your appearance and your self-confidence. Since the results of a breast lift are long-lasting, you can rest assured the investment you make now will carry you well into the future.

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*This information about breast lift surgery was reviewed by Dr Steven Liew. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

Procedure time: 2.5 hours

Downtime required: 1 - 2 weeks (depending on vocational requirements)

Results duration: Long lasting (depending on the quality of breast tissue and size of the implants use)*

Pair this treatment with: Tummy tuck as part of the mummy makeover

*Individual results may vary


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