Double Chin Treatment in a Syringe

This is the latest addition to the non-surgical toolkit for neck recontouring.

With a series of injections, we can now remove the unwanted fat from the neck. The main ingredient consists of bile acid derived from soybeans. This is similar to the naturally occurring bile acid in our liver that is secreted to our gut to digest the fat in food.

Most patients will require two sessions with a minimum of six weeks interval apart. The result is a more sculpted neck, better jawline and chin definition.


Procedure time: 30 mins

Downtime required: 48 hours

Results duration: Life long*

Pair this treatment with: Dermal fillers

*Individual results may vary

At Shape Clinic, we offer non-surgical double chin reduction. Using the latest methods, this treatment involves a series of injections to sculpt the jawline and remove unwanted fat. It is a comfortable procedure with little downtime.

What Is A Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Procedure?

A non-surgical double chin removal is a procedure in which the excess fat under the chin is removed or reduced by the use of a series of non-invasive injections. . Usually, that involves injecting compounds that dissolve the fat over time. Sometimes there will be the need for the use of additional filler to aid the final result and contouring.

How Does A Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Procedure Work?

The compounds injected during a non-surgical double chin removal are fat-dissolving acids that naturally break down or digest the fat. The body then absorbs this fat, thus reducing it gradually. The acid used is similar to bile acid or deoxycholic acid, which is derived from soybeans. It resembles bile juice produced in the liver, which digests the fats we eat.

Who Should Consider A Non-surgical Double Chin Removal Procedure?

The cause of the double chin is the main factor that determines whether you should  opt for a surgical or non-surgical approach to your treatment.  A  non-surgical removal of the double chin  is a great option for those who have excess fat that is hard to shift and as a result of a persons genetic makeup.  However, if your concern is slackening of the neck and jowl area, you should consider a  consultation at Shape Clinic, so that we can discuss your options and personalise a treatment plan that  is right for you.

What Are The Benefits In This Procedure?

The main benefit of a non-surgical double chin treatment is the fact that no surgical incisions are made in the skin. It is quick to perform and minimally invasive. The results are promising, with only some people needing the additional use of dermal fillers for better contouring.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Non-surgical double chin removal takes  30 minutes to perform. Most patients will require a minimum of two sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

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