Plastic Surgery for Men

‘I shape me’ - such a deceptively simple phrase for a powerful truth. At your fingertips, you have the ability to optimise and reshape so many different aspects of your appearance.

Men go through a very different journey to women as they face the realities of their ageing process.

While what they see in the mirror may not match how they feel on the inside, many men will put off treatment as long as possible - fearful it will feminise their appearance or make them look like they’ve ‘had work’. It’s hardly the masculine confidence they wish to portray.

For this reason, Dr Liew has tailored the Shape procedures to ensure the male aesthetic is both retained and enhanced – including his world first non-surgical procedures to reshape and ‘masculinise’ the face. Working to a facial template that reflects the universal ideal of the handsome male, we soften wrinkles but don’t erase them, restore volume but don’t exaggerate features.

In the past five years, this development has seen Shape Clinic rewarded with a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures for everything from body sculpting to face lifts.

Please explore our range of treatments with the confidence of knowing that Shape Clinic understands the subtleties required to enhance the male form and protect your masculinity.

Across face and body, our aim is to honour your greatest potential.